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"Seeing Mary has truly been life-changing for me. Having gone to traditional therapy on and off for most of my life, I always felt like there was still work left to do and parts of me that were not being addressed. As a Christian, I wanted to ensure the person I chose to do energy work with aligned with my values, and with Mary, I feel safe and in integrity with my beliefs. From childhood trauma- being raised by someone with Borderline, to career shifts and everyday stress- her work has allowed me to become a better version of myself. It has manifested in several ways over the past year seeing her. She identified the lack of joy in my life and pushed me to re-identify those things and fill myself up. I also have been having headaches for several months she was able to dismantle between energy work and a massage. Our time together has been such a blessing and helped me move mountains within myself to lead a better, happier, more fulfilling life."

Brynn Masters, Entrepreneur and Community Connector, Charlotte, NC

"I was referred to Mary 3 years ago by a family member who found relief for our entire family, after the passing of the matriarch of our family. Mary was able to communicate that our Grandmother passed away (suddenly) from a blood clot, which gave us the solace we needed to grieve properly. It lifted a very heavy burden from all of us and allowed for the sun to shine through again.

Then, my mother passed, in 2017, (again, suddenly) and I felt a longing to seek-out Mary. However, “something” kept me (for over 3 years) from getting to Mary.

Mary is in North Carolina, and I live in Ohio. I am a devout Catholic, and I have always been extremely skeptical of seeking any help, other than the help of God & Jesus Christ. So, for that reason, and many others, including my skepticism of how a person can help me (over Zoom), without even seeing/touching/being in the same room as me, I refrained from seeing Mary for over 3 years, but I would think about her often. Recently, my yearning to seek-out Mary (a woman I had never met) grew stronger and stronger.

Finally, I picked up the phone and called her. And, during our introductory phone consultation, which was only supposed to last *15-20 minutes, but ended up lasting perhaps twice that long (Mary goes where the energy takes her, she is not a “clock watcher”), Mary was quickly able to allay my fears and skepticism. As a person who does not trust easily, Mary was quickly able to gain my unwavering trust.

After our first session, decades of anxiety, fear, and chronic hypochondria were lifted, it was surreal. Mary had identified the same energy pattern that an expert at John Hopkins' Spiritual Department had seen within me. I had been told about this same pattern by a family member growing up! However, Mary was able to work with me to adjust and heal the distortion in the energy pattern. I could physically feel the work while she was doing it! My initial feelings that a person (of Mary’s talents/gifts) could not help me from afar were quickly debunked. Mary was present in my home!

Mary was able to communicate with my deceased mother to resolve the issues left unresolved, surrounding her sudden death, which were holding me back and bogging me down. I found the messages to be relevant as Mary brought forth details of my mother that were relatable. 

After our initial session, I felt lighter, freer, and unshackled by years of fear, anxiety, and things unsaid and unfulfilled. It was a very gratifying experience!

And, in our subsequent session, Mary was able to build upon our first session to give me even more distance from issues that had really gotten in the way of my everyday life!

I am a true witness to the authenticity and the great work of Mary!

After meeting Mary, I am a reformed skeptic. I consider her part of my inner circle now!

I recommend Mary highly and without reservation."


Ron C., Business Guy and Dad Extraordinaire, Cleveland, Ohio 

“There’s not enough I can say about how truly gifted Mary is. Within a month after my first session, I was able to wean completely off my anxiety meds after being on them for years. Following my second session, I was offered the perfect position  at a large company after a long time of job searching. She’s also helped my husband get a new kidney within a year of being on the transplant list (a rare occurrence as the average wait time is 3-5 years, sometimes longer). The facility where he received his transplant was nationally ranked, making it even harder to believe that he was able to get one so quickly. She’s performed remote prayer work for him as well from hundreds of miles away, helping him recover from severe pneumonia and a blood infection when he was sick and far away from home and multiple doctors could not figure out the proper treatment. Time and time again, she has been our go-to person for alternative medicine and healing. She has been doing this for a very long time and definitely knows what she’s doing!”

M. Geddie

Paralegal and Mom Extraordinaire, Charlotte, NC.

"I was referred to Mary by a friend who had been working with her for some time.  Before my first visit, I thought hard about why I had made the appointment and what I was hoping to get out of it.  I have ongoing struggles with anxiety and depression, but at that time I was just exhausted.  I would wake up exhausted, looking forward to when I could go to sleep again.  I would nap during the day....but I was always tired.  I was unable to get things done and that led to more anxiety.  I have a really good life, so I am embarrassed that I still struggle with living joyfully. 

During our first visit, Mary stated that my adrenal glands were shot and needed some TLC.  Years of poorly managing stress, ongoing conflict, and drama had taken their course.  She recommended that I start an adrenal supplement and switch up the vitamins I had been taking for years, which I did.  At that first meeting, Mary conveyed to me the image of an octopus dragging its eight legs along.  She told me that this was like me, but as I started getting things done and cleaning up my energy, my legs would spring up one by one, floating along, no longer dragging me down. 

I have been working with Mary for about 6 months now and I feel so much better.  I feel my octopus legs floating up.  I am not nearly as tired and I have gotten so many things done....especially putting our house together.  The more things I accomplish...the more I want to accomplish. Our visits are a combination of talking about things that are going on that I feel like working through with her, Mary giving me imagery, meditations, information, guidance from her wealth of knowledge about energy, and her connection with angels and souls that are present at the time. 

It is definitely a little weird....but logical and magical at the same time.  After this part of the session, I lay down on the table and Mary does energy work on me.  For me, I have been literally moved during this time, even though her hands never touch me.  I see bright colors through my closed eyes, sometimes I shake and sometimes I feel things moving around inside of me.  When I leave, I feel complete joy, and it feels so good to be working on myself.  I have gone in with specific issues and Mary has been able to help me navigate through them peacefully....either by helping me with the words, or the imagery that will help me look at a situation differently.  One of Mary's mediations involves being surrounded by a clear bubble. She instructs to clean the inside of the bubble so that all of the negativity is sent down to the center of the earth where the earth knows what to do with it.  I find myself imagining myself cleaning my bubble throughout the day....when something upsets me or stresses me or I am having negative thoughts about someone, I just clean my bubble.  I love this so much. 

Mary is a very special human....she is open and fairy-like and has an immense amount of knowledge about her work.  I don't know how she remembers it all.  I am so grateful for the time we spend together and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to transform themselves. She truly has a gift."

Amanda Bigham

RN And Mom Extraordinaire, Charlotte, NC.

"I have been very blessed to have Mary in my life. I've needed her and her gifts recently more than ever. My mother unexpectedly passed away this September. I was overwhelmed with so many heavy emotions. My grief was raw and complicated. Mary helped me begin to heal. She did some powerful energy work on me that helped me navigate my way through this incredibly painful time. After our session, I physically and mentally felt lighter. I was able to gain perspective, and peace and take the first step in accepting my Mom was gone. About a week after our session I had the most vivid, incredible dream. In my dream, Mary was working on me and I felt so much at peace and relaxed. I was lying on the floor stretched out on my back. As she spoke to me I brought my left ring fingertip to meet my left thumb tip. It was a soft gesture but purposeful. Then I heard Mary say "take your time. I'm going to go now."  Mary left the room and I slowly moved my body to where I was lying on my back with my left leg and knee bent across my body in a deep rightward stretch. I open my left palm and then took my right ring fingertip and met it with my right thumb tip. I was alone here. I opened my eyes and returned to my earthly state. It was the morning of a new day. I felt empowered and so so peaceful. Mary had visited me on another plane. It was a very special, magical experience. Mary continues to help me use the tools I have to continue my journey here with less chaos, and more peace."

 Rebecca T.K.

RN and Mom Extraordinaire, NC

"I've been working with Mary for over a year now.  As a healer myself it's difficult to find someone I trust to help me keep growing and moving forward. Mary has a unique ability to clear out emotional and physical trauma in a very open, honest, and loving way. She provides targeted and specific guidance on blind spots that even those of us who are intuitive may miss. I know that no matter the situation I can go to Mary for help. She holds an amazing energetic container and creates a safe space for her clients to share their stories and struggles. Her kind and open heart allow for a much deeper connection with her clients than many healers offer. I am honored to call her a friend and even more honored to work with her as I navigate my own journey. I highly recommend her services. "

Charlotte, NC

"I remember my first session with Mary. I came in feeling so lost, without a path, and a genuine disconnect with my higher power. Her warmth and kindness literally moved me to tears that first day because I knew that she truly understood what I felt. Through our sessions, she has given me such insight into myself. She has helped me to get back on the path that I was meant to follow. Sometimes I hit some bumps along the way, but Mary has helped me to look at these bumps as lessons rather than failures. Mary, I am so thankful for finding you and feel truly blessed for all that you have helped me achieve!"

Lauren Thomas

Broker, Charlotte, NC


"Mary has been a huge partner in my personal development. Since I started working with Mary a couple of years ago, I have gone back to graduate school (in Europe!), started my own consulting practices, found an amazing and lasting relationship, and stabilized family tensions. Now maybe I can't attribute ALL that to Mary's charms, but I'm just sayin'... truly Mary is incredibly insightful, responsive, challenging, and forthright. She holds me accountable while being very encouraging. She is magic personified."

Lori C.

Business Consultant, Charlotte NC


"Working with Mary is always so very enlightening and inspiring. Her palpable connection with Spirit and ability to let IT speak in whatever form it does always yields profound guidance for me. Sometimes Mary has brought information from my loved ones who have passed on and other times it's the voice of my Soul that she hears... Mary is a tuning fork for healing. I always walk away feeling more easeful and with wonderful tools to walk the road with."

Erika Lechuga-Disalvo

Yoga Instructor & Massage Practitioner (, Maui Hawaii


"I thought I had everything in order and simply wanted to develop my own intuitive abilities. Looking back, I can see how limiting my expectations were. Working with Mary I have cleared away old emotional baggage - guilts, fears, and anxieties. I have come to know myself and others much more deeply and intimately. My relationship with my husband, children, family and friends has never been better! I'm lighter and happier than I've ever been. I've even started changing my home environment to match the new me. This includes cleaning out the old, painting walls in lighter colors, and opening blinds and drapes to let better light in. I recommend Mary to anyone who wants to positively transform their life."

Brenda Bouldec

Human Resource Manager, Charlotte, NC


"Mary is a talented intuitive who brings together a variety of techniques to facilitate healing. Her ability to connect with the unseen is truly a gift, and has helped me greatly!"

Kaitlin Lacey

Intuitive Healer, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach Charlotte, NC


"It's difficult to articulate exactly what Mary does as she does so many things. Before our first session, I was interested in personal spiritual growth but had no idea where to begin. She helped me put things in perspective and start to understand myself in a way I couldn't see on my own. Through multiple conversations, recommended reading and videos, and energy work, I comprehend much more about the universe and my place in it. Throughout the past year in my sessions with Mary, I've laughed, cried, and most importantly grown. In such a short time, I am more confident, learning to own my truths, and loving the woman I'm becoming. And Mary helped me get there. I still have more work to do and enlightenment is a continuous process. However, with Mary's knowledge and the nurturing way she challenges me, I now have direction for my spiritual growth. She's a blessing and I send light and gratitude her way. Namaste."

Monique Gonzalez

Loan Development Associate, Charlotte, NC


"Mary knows how to put me at ease and her intuition always shows her what is most important to work on. I have had many different types of therapy and sat and talked for hours with little feedback from the therapist. The first three sessions with Mary helped me more than 17 years of traditional therapy had! Mary seems to know exactly what I need to consider from the questions she asks or the messages she offers. She has helped me eliminate old patterns by using many different techniques. She has also helped me successfully work with diet and find vitamins and supplements that help give me more energy. She did not hesitate to help me find a naturopathic doctor. At that time, I was pleased to find that Mary had helped me find the majority of what I needed with supplements. I always look forward to my sessions with Mary. It seems like us two girls are just hanging out and having a good time."

Tina Logan

Website Analyst, Charlotte, NC


"Mary Amon's gift of clairvoyance is a powerful channel for tapping into your higher self and your spiritual guides. Mary's work is not her opinion nor advice, it is a clear transmission from one's higher self to facilitate the work needed in their lifetime.  It is a pleasure and a blessing to work with Mary, I gain major insight with each session as well as tools and exercises to help me work through the process of change."

Katherine Wilder

The Wilder Method: International Yoga and Massage Instructor, Florida


"I love working with Mary Amon! Every time we have a session, something deep and obvious gets lovingly exposed. Last year I couldn't find a job. No one would hire me for work I was highly experienced in and eager to do. I was in such desperation that began to believe I was cursed or was repaying Karma for something I must have deserved. She has access to insights that are not of this realm. She told me I could not FIND the job because I AM the job. The truth in that was so clear that I immediately created business cards for the graphic work I loved it so much that I did it for FREE! Within days of making my commitment to be of service to MY own skills, I had two clients, and more keep coming in. I was able to move into my beautiful little dream house and all the stress of me not getting hired was eliminated from my new and budding relationship. My life is blessed by Mary Amon and her wisdom."

Doris Maran

Professional Photographer, Maui Hawaii


"Mary's work is completely transformational.  I turn to her every time I need to go deep and find the truth inside of me. She is a wonderful coach and consultant, she'll take you exactly where you need to be. She is extremely empathetic and gives you a lot of space to figure out your strengths,  in a very subtle and spiritual way.  I feel much more feminine and love myself just as I am, something no one else was able to bring up in me. I also appreciate how supportive Mary is of my freelancing career."

Nina Hanáková

Owner and English Instructor of EnglishBrno (, Czech Republic


"Mary has helped me to resolve many conflicts in my personal and professional life. Her phone sessions are clear and succinct. She walks along beside me in the process and guides me without giving specific direction, instead of allowing me to come to the conclusions myself. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is seeking a true intuitive process. She has a very unique and natural gift."

Pamela Batson Charlotte

Flight Attendant, North Carolina


"Mary is a reliable source of intuitive wisdom and can muscle test with precision and accuracy. Her system works with a client’s higher self and what is in their deepest and highest interest. She is passionate about her work and cares deeply about her clients."

Anna Cantor

Professional Massage Practitioner, Teacher, Nutritional Consultant, Maui Hawaii


"I had never worked with Mary before and was immediately eased by her warmth and kindness. During our session, she was very open and thoughtful allowing me to express my overwhelming emotion. Her connection was very focused and she was able to provide guidance for the journey ahead of me."

Kristin Mente



"I met Mary for the first time at The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa in Maui, HI.  We had an instant connection the moment she greeted me.  Our immediate conversation had a unique spiritual spark to it.  While Mary was working on me she commented that she felt Mother Teresa in my energy field.  This was a very good feeling for me, as I have always felt very close to Mother Teresa.  I then mentioned to Mary that I had several pictures of Mother Teresa in my home; I also told Mary that I am an artist.  Mary immediately responded that Mother Teresa would like me to put a picture of her in my art studio.  It actually was one place that she wasn’t at the time!  Since then I have put a picture of Mother Teresa in my studio and have even been painting her.  Mary has a natural insight into much of who I am."  That’s a great feeling.  And a wonderful gift to any friend.

Jan Eker

Artist/Owner of Chaotic Dreamer, NC, HI, and Omaha Nebraska


"Mary does truly incredible bodywork! She is always my first choice for my birthday massage. Though she always asks for feedback, she seems to know exactly what to do.  She is very loving and easy to talk to; often she will get intuitive "hits" about issues or events in my life, and she is right on. It is healing on more than just the physical level – I come out feeling refreshed emotionally and spiritually as well.  It's like spending time with a really good friend, plus I become so relaxed I am like the proverbial wet noodle!"

Carla Hess

RN, California


"There truly is "something about Mary".  Using her intuition and genuine heart she eliminated a two-year-long discomfort in my abdomen in a single massage session.  I always enjoy the bodywork that Mary does and recommend her to anyone I can."

Bryan Bazemore

Professional Photographer (, Charlotte North Carolina

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