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Mary E. Amon The Metaphysical Maven Owner of Tailored Wisdom

Meet Mary, the Metaphysical Maven, a compassionate healer and intuitive guide.



Welcome to Mary's world of metaphysical healing and intuitive wisdom. With over two decades of dedicated practice, Mary is not just an LMBT (Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist), but a beacon of light for those seeking profound transformation and healing. 

A Unique Approach to Healing

Mary's journey began at Southeastern Neuromuscular Massage Therapy School in North Carolina, where she solidified her foundational skills as an LMBT. However, her path soon led her to the enchanting landscapes of Maui, Hawaii, where she embarked on a transformative chapter that would redefine her approach to healing.


What sets Mary apart is her worldly experience, versatile training, and in-depth knowledge of myriad modalities of the healing arts. This diverse background has allowed her to create a unique and effective approach to healing, seamlessly combining expertise and intuition to balance mind, body, soul, and relationships. 

Being an empath, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), and neurodivergent are more ways that allow Mary to deeply connect with others from a very transparent and authentic core. 

Gifted from a Young Age

From a young age, Mary experienced profound interactions with her spirit guides. These early experiences ignited her innate healing gifts, leading her to intuitively offer healing to people and animals.Her remarkable journey has been marked by ongoing mentorships and a passionate pursuit of knowledge, spanning shamanic practices, esoteric wisdom, psychology, and


Mary's ability to connect with various dimensional realms, including the animal kingdom, reflects her deep spiritual connection and unwavering commitment to growth. Her approach to healing transcends the ordinary, delving into the mystical and metaphysical realms to provide holistic transformation.

A Healing Journey of Resilience

Mary's personal history is a testament to her resilience. With a backdrop of high-trauma experiences, including dysfunctional family dynamics, abuse, addictions, two car accidents, and emergency surgery, Mary knows firsthand the power of healing and personal growth. Her dedication to self-healing has been enriched by over 30 years of work with various plant medicines, a profound practice that has nurtured her relationship with her soul and guided her towards divine realms.

Through her journey, Mary has connected with an array of spiritual entities, including revered Ascended Master Teachers like Buddha, Yeshua (Jesus), Quan Yin, Durga Ma/Kali Ma, Angels, Star Beings such as the Sacred Hathors, and, above all, The Supreme Being, God/Goddess. At Tailored Wisdom, we believe in the power of collective energy, including our unseen allies, to facilitate healing. This unique connection allows Mary to tap into higher vibrational energies, aiding in her healing process.

Guiding Others to Healing and Resolution

Recognizing the challenges of healing alone, Mary has made it her mission to help others on their path. She draws upon her extensive knowledge, intuitive insights, and the wisdom of her own healing journey to empower others with the tools they need to create healing and resolution.

Today, Mary stands as a testament to the transformative power of healing. She is enveloped in immeasurable love, compassion, and joy, a living example of what's possible when one embarks on the journey to self-discovery and healing.


Discover Your Truth with Mary

Mary invites you to explore your own truth and forge meaningful connections, beginning with the most important one—with yourself. Your journey to healing, transformation, and self-discovery starts here.

"Mary has an extraordinary ability to genuinely know and feel the truth of things. She has natural gifts of intuitive knowledge, guidance, and healing for the world."

~ Astrology Reading

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