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Which wolf will you feed in 2020 [and always and forever]?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

I'm setting Focus as the resonant vibration; it's our overarching theme.

As the years peel by, many find themselves unhappy not accomplishing their set goals...sometimes, over and over again. I certainly have been there, and continue to find myself there in some ways. But why?

I believe we all desire a rich exchange mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, perhaps even metaphysically. Reflecting (not to be confused with obsessively replaying), upon where we've been helps us settle more fully into the now. Wanna feel amazing? Focus on what brings more of that. I often teach that the beauty of hindsight is 20/20. Contemplated, this is your current lifetime/lifeline library. In this awareness, your life decisions can help you form your ongoing creations. Look back at any life event to gain insight. How you continue to make your life choices paves the way for the future you. Don't like how something went down? Take a moment (not to be confused with obsessively replaying), to contemplate how you would have handled it in your most ideal self.

I'm often asked why this is so difficult to follow through with.

Have you ever hear the story of the two wolves? I invite you to read, or perhaps reread this simply powerful parable. The pearls of this parable elucidate that tending to the thoughts that arise lead our actions in the direction of the resonant energies of the nature of the thoughts. Slowing down to investigate these thoughts, before they become actions of doing and or speaking is one of the golden keys to "the way through."

I encourage you to consider that what can bring infinite healing to your process in life is remembering the importance of both of your wolves.

About that "evil" wolf...IMHO, ignoring those thoughts leads to more disruption in our life story. Ignoring creates self-sabotage. Your "lower vibrational" thoughts are indicators that parts of you would like some focus to get them "higher." In our fondness of feeling better through contemplations of intentions, we find there is light in the darkness. When we nurture the part of ourself that is begging of bad behavior in any form, we offer that aspect of self safety. That part, in turn, no longer has the need to cry wolf.

We are all the "grandson," and can always use some guidance, healing and support. 

"Mary is an incredibly gifted energy worker - each month I see her to remedy my migraines, which were a lot more emotionally nuanced than I originally thought. There have been many healers over the course of time who have tried, but Mary has been the only person who has succeeded at taking my migraine out of my head! I would definitely recommend her for healing of addictions as well!" 

- Meredith Swaim, astrologer

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