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Let your mind be blown as you save time finding the best of the best
and a few words about why I have created this page.
huge heart hugs,
Mary the Metaphysical Maven
tm 🦉🤓🐆🙏🌹 

I love to research and I am constantly making recommendations in attempts to share what has worked for me, and in hopes of assisting you in improving your life journey. If you would like to know why I have chosen the items and companies listed, or any individuals included, and are an existing client, please email me. If you are not an existing client and have questions about my recommendations, you will need to set up a session with me. At that time I will read your energy, the energy of your children, animal children, or other loved ones to the best of my ability; we will discuss what recommendations may be beneficial at this time.

As Tailored WisdomTM continues to grow, I have found I have to do more to make it work for all of us. Thank you in advance for your support in using these links, as well as your continued interest in my healing practice. I love my gifts, and I love myself for the woman I have become and continue to grow and heal into. I am honored to bring all of that wisdom to you, in hopes of it improving your life journey too. 

The majority of this page has affiliate links. This means that the company offers me a small "bonus" for a certain amount of product that individuals purchase through the links I provide. The cost to the consumer is the same as if you hunt for it yourself, and in some cases better. If you find a better price through the providers I suggest, please reach out to me immediately so that I can adjust your link. As a self employed, small business owner, working for myself is a constant dance of responsibilities. I am doing it all; there is no staff outside of myself. Entrepreneurship is a hustle unto itself and looks both similar and different for every independent business owner. Sole proprietors have no bonus, raise, or otherwise unless they somehow create this for themselves.

This page is a work in progress; don't mind the overlapping text-I am working on that. Keep checking back for more updates.   

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           The following books have been standby recommendations that I love. I'll keep doing my best to group them together by "topic" similarities. 

         Brain Health Recommendations 🧠 🌟🤓💪💖🌹 Always do your own research; please let me know if you would like me to send you any articles on these recommendations. 

Animal Care

Here are products that I have used for my animals for years with continued great success. 

Hare Today provides top notch quality raw food! They have excellent variety, the prices are competitve, and I feel they put a lot of love into these service animals. Service animals have been acknowledged by 

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