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"Everything is Exactly as it Should Be..."[and the Breath of HA]

Updated: May 3, 2021

A mystical story of foreshadowing, personal growth and trust in the divine.

...that is what the Buddha said to me, circa 1996, in response to my inquiry about moving to Louisiana. The above Buddha, said to be the first and oldest Buddha in the United States, represents one of the many uniquely profound foreshadowings of my life. For no less than one week, I'd been prayerfully asking for signs as to whether or not it was in my best interest to move from Charlotte, North Carolina to Lafayette, Louisiana. One night, I lay down to sleep and immediately slipped into the astral realm, where I found myself walking in a luscious jungle with a safari guide to either side of me. I could hear a loud chanting in the not so far away distance: HA HA HA HA, HA HA HA HA! We were in the middle of an endless field, contained only by the thick and luscious walls of the jungle. I was both mesmerized and aghast at coming upon a tribe of aboriginals. They were moving in a circular motion while chanting HA over and over with perfect cadence and synchronized emphasis on an occasional HA! I was mesmerized by the tribe...aghast at the fact there was a human body bound to a single coconut palm tree, skinned of all branches. Every time the tribe hit a more powerful HA, the body, blindfolded, would swell a bit more, seeming to deflate a tad less with each minute pause in between the breath of HAs!

I turned to my guides and passionately exclaimed, "The body is going to blow if they don't stop!" No sooner had "stop" left my mouth, the tribe hit an all-time loud HA and the body swelled to an unmanageable intensity, and the skin of the face peeled off and rolled up like a topographical map, filling in with reds and blues. I turned to say something else to my guides to discover they had disappeared. I reoriented towards the tree with the body to find the entire screen had evaporated. As if it had never happened!

My body knew what to do next. Ever so naturally, I pivoted to the right, and I began walking towards the wall of the jungle. Stopping at the edge, if it were the most common thing, the wall of jungle started to part, like curtains on a stage. I looked to the left and was overcome with wonder as I took in an enormous mountain, perfectly shaped like the Buddha. Externally, I heard in Hindi, while internally converting the words to English: Everything is exactly as it is meant to be.

There is so much magick in this story. As I tidy up this blog, I have gratitude tears in my eyes.

Less than a week after this astral experience, I moved to Louisiana. The night that I arrived at my friend's home, she asked if I would like to join for a venture to the Tabasco Island. Sure, I replied...I like Tabasco, why not. Once on this beautiful property, trying to decided which path to take into this well manicured "island," I chose to follow the direction I seemed to be pulled towards. Whereupon, I found that lovely Buddha, sitting upon the lotus, in his protective encasement, placed ever so poignantly at the very top of a hill.

I recall a little bird, apparently injured, had come to sit upon the stair closest to the Buddha. I sat with it and offered reiki, in awe of the fact I was, less than a week later, yet again at the proverbial feet of the Buddha. If everything is a reflection of everything, was the bird a reflection of myself? I had left NC because the healing wounds from being in a very long abusive relationship were threatening to become scars. The bird knew, of all places that it could have chosen to find solitude in its healing, that this was the best place for it to rest in peace. Much like myself, I needed peace.

Some of the interpretations of the astral experience were apparent immediately. Others came over time. The guides, always with me, seen or not. Courage to speak, courage to face the intensity of change. Willingness to explore a new map and to trust that the path will always be exactly as it is meant to be. I was both the man on the tree being given a rebirth, and the mesmerized yet aghast woman determined to follow the Breath of Life-damned consequences. I am the guides, even as I am guided. And then why not, am I also The Buddha? Well, an aspect of The Buddha, nonetheless.

Fast forward nearly a decade and I had been living in Maui for almost seven years. It was then that I was brutally rear ended by a teenage texter. My primary mental recovery therapist perceived my gifts and recommended me to a retreat center seeking gifted healers and seerers. I was quickly accepted and my next step was unfolding before me. That swift, divine light that shines no matter how bleak things may seem, was guiding me forward. How lovely, the foreshadowing of my life. It was during a training and assisting session with another lovely healer that I was, for the second time in this lifetime, exposed to the Breath of Ha. The Breath of Ha or, The Ha Breath, means The Breath of Life. Now, I often humbly facilitate The Breath of Ha for my clients. It is a profoundly moving experience to see the shifts that occur in real time. Clients typically state they immediately feel lighter. I like to think of it as if, in that moment, I am embodying The God/dess of Wind and blowing the muddy muck off of them. Mesmerized. I am mesmerized by the unfolding of the lotus. We are all the lotus. We all have to sift through the mud of life. And I, as many have, had had my share of extra muddy experiences. To sit atop the lotus is what I believe the great metaphor of my life is all about. I pray the same is true for your life journey.

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