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✨🔮Have You Seen the Light? Embracing the Magick in Every Moment🔮💫

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

As I stand before the sacred space, consecrating it for the cosmically groovy wedding I am about to officiate, I feel an overwhelming sense of humility and honor. The photographer captures the moment perfectly - as I smudge the space and offer my prayers to the divine beings I work with, beautiful purple rings of light emanate from my sandaled feet, dancing around me like celestial ribbons. I know I am walking in and with the light, in service to something greater than myself. 🌟🙏✨

Validation is an internal journey, one that I've learned to embrace wholeheartedly. Though external validation has its place, the most profound and lasting validation comes from within. This truth became crystal clear to me when the wedding photographer excitedly showed me a series of extraordinary photos. My friends have always been my mirrors, reflecting back to me the person I may not have fully seen in myself. Their love and support have been transformative, and I bow in gratitude for every soul that has helped me grow.

As the photographer captured me walking amidst the extraordinary light, I knew in my heart that this was a divine affirmation of my path. Circular patterns of angelic violets, magentas, golds and electric-blue surrounded me, like ethereal brushstrokes from the universe, validating my journey.

In another photo, I am smudging the same space, channeling the energy of the Grandmother, flowing with blessings for the ceremonial site. My sweet friend, the bride-to-be, recognizes the power within me and the unique energy I bring. She and her partner knew instinctively that I was the one to officiate their wedding, for our souls have been intertwined since high school.

Over a decade ago, I officiated my first wedding, and it was a profound turning point in my life. As I met the bridal group in the mountains, little did I know the impact I would have on their lives. The validation I received from them, as they embraced positive changes based on my suggestions, was a powerful realization of my role as a channel for encouragement.

This cosmic journey has taught me that love and time heal all wounds. Healing from trauma and addictions takes time, but it is possible through sincere self-love and self-worth. I've experienced the profound impact of validation and genuine compliments, even during moments when I have struggled to believe them.

With every step I take, I am guided by the angels and beings of light, who validate my path and inspire me to be of service to others. I'm honored to walk alongside my clients, offering support, growth, and magick as they embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing.

Embrace the Magick in Every Moment

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